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What a little dancing can do

December 1, 2013



I was a huge fan of the show Fame back in the ’80s, and my favorite scenes of the show were the ones that we now might call Flashmobs. I was convinced that the world could achieve a modicum of peace if random strangers were to share moments filled with music, dance and laughter. In […]

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I kissed a girl and I…

May 31, 2013



I finished watching The L Word over the holiday weekend. A fact that I shared with a friend earlier today. I almost didn’t tell anyone because an admission such as that one can potentially be accompanied by judgments and misconceptions. But really, who the hell cares who thinks what of it? Just last year or maybe the […]

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Just sitting on the corner of awesome and bomdiggity… [video]

May 23, 2013



Recently I asked a couple of close friends if they thought my blog posts were getting depressing. They didn’t say no, but they didn’t say yes. They said I probably needed to do a bit of therapeutic introspection. I thought they had a good point, but… So I thought, I need to change things up, […]

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5 things that should not be left unsaid

May 21, 2013



It was late summer/early fall of 2002. My younger sister had been in the hospital for weeks and the doctors were unable to tell us why. She’d given birth prematurely to my nephew, and had slipped further into whatever it was that was making her sick, making her eventual recovery require the relearning of things […]

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Life, interrupted: The day my mind went numb

May 16, 2013



In December of 2011 I wrote a post titled, Life, Interrupted. It was the first time I ever addressed my struggle with depression publicly. I never really hid it, but I’ve never really talked about it. Soon after, friends contacted me privately to share their own stories. and to thank me for sharing mine. But […]

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Diggin’ mis raices: Two countries, two languages, and one lost girl

May 13, 2013


EL Morro, Puerto Rico

I was born in upstate New York,  in the city of Rochester to be exact. My parents moved back to Puerto Rico soon after my first birthday, and I  spent my early, formative years there. The culture and language of my country was just as much a part of who I was and was becoming, […]

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