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5 tips for growing out gray hair

February 21, 2014



A few weeks ago a friend and I were walking towards a club when the bouncer of another place said, “Cool hair.” I said thanks, and we continued walking only to find out the friends we were meeting were at the place where the bouncer had just commented on my hair. When we got to […]

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Worldless Wednesday- Not even with a hat

February 19, 2014



There’s no hiding the gray, not even with a hat.

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Wordless Wednesday: Winning the gray revolution

January 22, 2014



Some call it platinum!

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Breaking up with Vanity

July 26, 2013


5 years old & so sure of myself

I suppose that vanity has been my friend since childhood. I don’t necessarily remember the start of our relationship, but I’m told countless stories about how, in spite of my crippling shyness, I would visit my neighbors in Puerto Rico in whatever new dress or outfit I had at the moment, simply to tell them “Me […]

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To go gray or not to…wait, what is the question?

July 8, 2013


Going Gray!

I absolutely despise dyeing my hair. I will be 43 in six months, which will mean that at some point during that year there will have been 30 years of chemicals poured onto my poor head. That can’t be good, can it? But it’s not just about the chemicals at this point; the truth is […]

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Love letter to my body

May 1, 2013


love my body

I sat in the semi-crowded train a few days ago, oblivious to the people around me, trying to send a text before we went underground. Text message sent, still above ground, I  looked up and realized that people were staring in my direction. I looked down, and I saw my cleavage. Feeling a bit of discomfort […]

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