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The dance lesson [guest post]

The fourth in the “Defining Moments: Search for Identity Series.” This one comes to us from educator and writer, Cindy Tovar. Read more of her personal blog, Hispanecdotes and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, @Dagny32 The music is blasting, the lights are dim, and I’m in my element. My eyes search the crowd, looking for someone who can show me a good time. I look for the right signs: a man moving his hips rhythmically, a man whose eyes are searching the crowd with the same urgency as mine, or if I’m really desperate, at least a man who is taller than I am. I find one standing alone across the bar, and move quickly. Wouldn’t want him to find someone else. Not for this song. I smile and stretch out my hand. “Do you want to dance?” I ask, not worried about rejection. I’ve only been turned down once. (That jerk!) But I wasn’t always so bold on the dance floor. Oh, I’d always loved to dance, but I was about eleven years old when I realized that “dancing in …


Scratching “Flash Mob” off my bucket list [video]

Remember the show Fame? It was one of my favorite shows and I wanted sooo bad to be in it or at least go to a high school for the performing arts where dancing and singing were part of the curriculum. But the that I loved the most though wasn’t, at least to my knowledge, real. It was the sudden burst into dance routines that they did wherever they went. Now, years later, those sudden outbreaks of choreographed dances are a bit more commonplace and called Flash Mobs. Well, a Flash Mob has been on my bucket list for a bit now and I FINALLY got to participate in one. It was definitely all I hoped for, made better my the other great people dancing alongside of me. Check it out!