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72 hours on OKCupid and I’m already exhausted

You know that saying that we all use to convince ourselves that doing something we’re hesitant about is okay: But everyone is doing it. Maybe we should heed our mother’s pat response of “If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you do that too?” I say this because for after years of hesitation, I talked myself into trying online dating because in this day and age, “everyone is doing it!”


How to GUESS if someone’s interested

One Friday last year, near the end of the work day, I was sitting at my desk fixing my makeup when my office mate walked in catching me mid-lipstick application. “Where are you going?” “Meeting up with this guy.” “A date?” “Oh no! I don’t think it’s a date. More business, I think.” “Then why are you putting on lipstick?’


Dating and the independent woman

I have an ex who became a friend. Years later, we still hang out on a regular basis and on occasion, the question of “Why didn’t we work out?” comes up in our conversation. His reason? I’m too independent. My reason? His issue with my independence.

Lighter: The unanswered question

I walk by and something tells me to turn my head. I see you standing there and I both want to run away unseen and want you to turn and see me, really see me. I don’t want you to see that I miss you, but I want you to see that it was possible for me to become happy without you. Yes, I miss you and the friendship we once shared. The days when we would talk for hours about everything and nothing. I wish that we could start again. For the first time  in my life I wish I could turn back time, and armed with the knowledge that in trying to be more we would lose it all, we would make different choices. I wish that we would have stayed there; stayed in that moment before it became confusing, before the expectations changed, before WE became an unanswered question, even if only in my head. But I am happy and to finally be happy I had to let you go. I had …

purple stilletos

F*ck the glass slipper! It’s all about the purple suede stilettos

I almost typed the title of this post without the asterik, but figured I’d ease into the profanity on this blog. As I work to develop my writing voice I have to be authentic and the authentic me swears. Sometimes a lot. And as a good friend suggested when we discussed my blog, my blog requires the authentic me, the quirky, sometimes even crazy me. Why today? Well, it goes a little something like this: A little earlier I was stuck just staring at the monitor. I’d written two paragraphs of a blog, and even I was bored reading them. It was a nice little story, but just not me. Too careful. Too censored for niceness. The real me isn’t that nice. I’m completely random, sometimes snarky, and I swear. Wait, I already said that.  Anyway, I couldn’t finish what I had been writing. I decided to head to the grocery store to take a little break. On my way out I spotted ‘the neighbor’ walking his dog. So yes, ‘the neighbor.’ He requires an …

All the single ladies… (put on your big girl panties)

A few years ago whenever that song was played every woman jumped on the dance floor. It was not only a celebration of being a woman–second only to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive–it was more importantly a celebration of being a single woman. We are the women of today, we’re strong, independent and we are just fine without you, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! As I sat by myself in front of the caricaturist at my work holiday party this past weekend–having followed all the couples–I felt it…that feeling of “wow, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to be drawn with.” As my next birthday approaches, the feeling is more palpable. So while I can get up and dance by myself like no one’s business, I can confess that being single is, while sometimes fun, not the end goal for me. The celebrating being a strong, single woman is sometimes just a facade. Not the strong woman part, but the wanting nothing more than to be single part. Unfortunately, as women we’re not allowed to say …