Irma & Me out on the town

When life hands you lemmons, start a blog!

Seriously Though

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. ~
Anais Nin 

My two years with Being Latino afforded me too many amazing opportunities to name here—proof that if you work hard, you’re rewarded in kind. Beyond being a part of creating an online magazine and attending an awards show in Miami are the connections I made to people who continue to inspire me every day. One of those people is my friend, Irma Sanchez.

A BL fan in Chicago, she volunteered to help spread the word in the city. You know how sometimes you meet or talk to a person and immediately know you want to be friends? That was how I felt about Irma. She was just so sweet, something I can’t always manage to be, and so willing to do whatever was needed to help.

Irma & Me out on the town

Fast forward almost two years, and she’s become one of my closest friends; a constant source of support and encouragement. She has a story of perseverance that I feel everyone needs to hear. It’s been a lot of pushing and nagging on my end, but she FINALLY did it, she started her blog.

I won’t reveal anymore. I invite you to click on over and read her first post and feel her courage as she reveals her ‘secret,’ and learn exactly why her constant cheeriness inspires me to try to be less cynical. Her world is truly held together by duct tape, and she makes it work!

Find Irma:

My World Held Together by Duct Tape



Ana Maria Soto

From traveling the world to ensuring its access to education

Seriously Though

One of the greatest things about life is that it’s sometimes surprising. A great example of that are the people who come in and out of

Ana Maria Soto

your life. One minute you’re meeting someone new, and a year and a dozen cups of coffee later, you have a dear friend. Such is the case for my friendship with the great Ana Maria Soto. We started and ended a job at the same company on the same days and became great friends in the process, bonding over our common views of the world, backgrounds in higher education, and our penchant for ensuring that life wasn’t all work and no play.

But it’s not just our commonalities that made us friends, for me–a girl with wanderlust–there’s an admiration for someone who has an incredible story. She knows the world, not only because she’s read about it, but because she’s lived it with years in countries such as Ecuador, El Salvador, and Spain just to name.

She’s a networker, a connector, and an education expert. She’s “La College Guru” answering students’ questions weekly for Latina Smart, and doling out helpful advice on her blog Edúcate Latina.

Oh, and did I mention she’s a great cook? Get to know her and she may just make you her delicious tres leches or pumpkin flan. Trust me, you’ll say thanks.

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The woman who CAN and DOES do it all

Seriously Though

I live on what my building terms the 3rd floor but I swear is more like a fourth floor. It’s embarrassing to say that recovering from the climb always takes me a few minutes. That’s why this, my first Friendly Inspiration post, is featuring my dear friend Cynthia Torres Sanchez, who today finished the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in 41:05, climbing a total of 2,340 steps. OUCH!

But her perseverance and success as she set on a path to fitness last year is only one reason Cynthia inspires me. How she’s even found time to focus on her health and fitness is a wonder to me since she’s a mother of two, who works a full-time job, AND is currently working on a Master’s degree.

Cynthia is also one of the dearest friends a person can have. Kind, empathetic, loyal and generous to a fault, she makes me want to be a little better for being around her. She’s patient and understanding where I am not, and has accepted me and my quirks without judgement.

For all of this and much more, Cynthia is one of my real-life inspirations.