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Life is a lesson: 5 things I learned last week

August 12, 2013



Performance Art I’ve seen some performance art. Not a lot, but some, and I finally have to confess that I don’t get it. After attending the Outside In Exhibition on Friday at the National Museum of Mexican Arts (I highly recommend it), my friends and I headed to the Pilsen Art Walk for the Chicago Art District’s, […]

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I kissed a girl and I…

May 31, 2013



I finished watching The L Word over the holiday weekend. A fact that I shared with a friend earlier today. I almost didn’t tell anyone because an admission such as that one can potentially be accompanied by judgments and misconceptions. But really, who the hell cares who thinks what of it? Just last year or maybe the […]

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5 things that should not be left unsaid

May 21, 2013



It was late summer/early fall of 2002. My younger sister had been in the hospital for weeks and the doctors were unable to tell us why. She’d given birth prematurely to my nephew, and had slipped further into whatever it was that was making her sick, making her eventual recovery require the relearning of things […]

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The self-indulgence of words

May 5, 2013



Last week, hours after publishing and sharing the post, Love letter to my body, I saw a friend. At that moment, my mind was  on the task at hand, so I was confused when he made a comment about me and my body. He was joking? Poking fun at me? I wasn’t sure what. Moments […]

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All I need to know in life, I learned from my girlfriends

April 29, 2013



When we were young our friendships were primarily based on geography. Our circle of friends usually consisted of other girls (maybe even boys) that we saw on a regular basis. We may not have necessarily had anything in common besides the fact that we lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, worshiped […]

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I ♥ NYC!

April 5, 2011


A new friend who writes here took on the challenge of writing something, anything for 30 days during the month of April: National Poetry Month. I thought it would make for an interesting challenge so I decided to take it on as well, though I am five days late. I got a few of our […]

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