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The perfect boyfriend

This is some little girl’s (I hope) list for a a perfect boyfriend. Aside from the “a little stuped” I’m with her and think that she may have even meant ‘a little’ as opposed to the ‘a lot’ that she knows. Boys will be boys sometimes, as we all know, and maybe they’re pulling her pigtails on the playground. [Via Buzzfeed]

The Onion

About two months ago my Mom#2 (stepmom) told me that someone told her that if you put an onion in a bowl under the bed it will help ward off illnesses.  I was a little skeptical but I figured what could it hurt besides my ADD self forgetting it was there and leaving it to rot so I put an onion in a bowl and placed it under the bed. Thus far I’ve had a bad cold, sprained my ankle, had an allergic reaction to Advil and now an ear infection.  I have a feeling that that onion is sitting under my bed just giggling and thinking “SUCKER!”


The stray dogs and cats in Puerto Rico are like the people downtown Chicago who cross streets in the middle of heavy (and fast moving) traffic and/or wait for light changes on the street corner rather than the sidewalk.  I’m not sure whether to call them fearless or stupid.  Oh, lets call a spade a spade; it’s stupid.  If you’re driving you can honk all you want, they somehow think they have the right of way and will literally stop to stare at you.  Both the people and the dogs ;) A few days ago I went to the gas station by my house.  I was running in to get a malta so I was just going to park in front of the door.  I turned into the gas station and right in front of my path towards the door was a dog.  I honked and he turned and just stared at me.   I honked again and it moved enough so I could maneuver around him but not enough so I could park in …