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Life after Death Metal [guest post]

In the coming days and weeks I’ll be inviting some of my favorite writers/friends to guest blog about a defining moment (the length of the moment undefined) in their search for identity. First up is Ulises Silva. His site is currently under construction, but for now you can follow him on Twitter, @inventingsilva Geraldo Rivera was an idiot. Back in the day, he made the case that heavy metal was a really bad idea for impressionable kids looking for any excuse to kill themselves or worship Satan. I remember watching his quasi-documentary on the evils of heavy metal and thinking two things: Why does Ozzy look like he’s just woken up from a three-day cocaine binge and trying to remember if he left the refrigerator door open when he went for that late-night bat snack? Are you $%(@*% kidding me? See, I was one of those impressionable youth Geraldo was talking about. One of those high school kids who were mindlessly ready to succumb to the mind-altering effects of heavy metal album covers, who thought …


If I could do high school over again I would only change two things

I used to say that there wasn’t a moment of my life that I’d do over. Regrets were not my thing. To me, even the moments of wrong decisions were simply lessons learned. But life has a way of changing your perspective. When you get to your 40s you realize that some possibly not-so-positive emotions may have gotten in the way of a different life outcome, or at the very least an experience you may have enjoyed.  As I reflected on this and began to really think about the missed opportunities due to my choices in high school—summer program at Harvard, prom, graduation—I realized that in retrospect there were two things I could have done differently. I would care less… about being cool about the zit on my chin and uncontrollably frizzy hair about impressing boys about hanging out with my friends about fun after school about my picture in the year book I would care more… about being involved about my grades about impressing myself about walking across the stage at graduation with my friends …