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Speaking Spanish is just like riding a bike?

Originally published as “At a Loss for Words” at Being Latino Online Magazine At the age of 7 ½  my parents decided to separate and Mami packed up my three siblings and me, and we left Puerto Rico; Chicago bound.  I had graduated first grade just a few months before and had confidently learned to say the words butter and water (both pronounced with a hard T like the British), but unfortunately that was where my knowledge of the English language ended. My lack of knowledge didn’t bother me until I started second grade a few months later.  I was in a bilingual class but I had classmates that had been in bilingual classes since kindergarten and knew so much more than I did.  In my attempts to fit in I tried to show off the new words I was learning, but pronounced yellow as jello and birthday as birfday.  As kids are apt to do, they laughed.  I was already a shy kid and being made fun of was tragic to me.  Determined not …