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Mentoring: A great way to pay it forward & share what you know

July 5, 2012



I strongly believe in the power of mentoring and have written about it on a few occasions. I’ve profiled the Latino BIGS of NYC program as well as touched upon what it’s meant in my own life. Being involved in the development of our youth has been a personal mission since I was in my 20s […]

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From high school dropout to strong (and educated) Latina

June 19, 2012


With my family at my college graduation

It was January of 19*cough, cough*.  It was my 18th birthday. While the rest of my senior class was in their respective classes anxiously awaiting spring and all of the pomp and circumstance that prom and graduation would bring, I was making my way to my locker.  I had made a decision that would change […]

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How a 3rd grader changed my life

March 31, 2012



Although I spent my teenage years participating in volunteer projects at church and school, the story of how I became a passionate advocate for volunteer work didn’t begin until I was a young adult. In 1995, at the age of 24 my place of employment offered any interested employee the opportunity to spend three hours […]

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