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Dating and the independent woman

March 31, 2014

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I have an ex who became a friend. Years later, we still hang out on a regular basis and on occasion, the question of “Why didn’t we work out?” comes up in our conversation. His reason? I’m too independent. My reason? His issue with my independence. He says that he prefers a more submissive woman, and I’m not […]

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Life is a lesson: 5 things I learned last week

August 12, 2013



Performance Art I’ve seen some performance art. Not a lot, but some, and I finally have to confess that I don’t get it. After attending the Outside In Exhibition on Friday at the National Museum of Mexican Arts (I highly recommend it), my friends and I headed to the Pilsen Art Walk for the Chicago Art District’s, […]

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10 awesome things to do on a date with yourself

August 5, 2013



One of my favorite Sex and the City episodes is the one when Carrie decides she’s dating New York City or, truth be told, dating herself. She does fabulous NYC-type things in her designer duds and it all looks amazing. In one scene, she gets caught in the rain and is offered sheltered under a […]

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I don’t live in yesterdays because I know how they end

July 30, 2013

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I remember your last goodbye. The day you told me that we should cease to be. My mind wanted to be brave and accept your wish without question, but my heart didn’t understand and forced my lips to ask you why. “It’s time,” you said. “We’ve outgrown what little we were and I don’t feel […]

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SEXomedy: Real talk about masturbation, body hair, and the joys of copy machines [video]

June 13, 2013



Forget the crap you see in Cosmo with its glossy pictures and advice about how to keep your man satisfied! We need real talk, and actor/playwright/comedian/dancer/musician/activist, Melissa DuPrey brings it to us like she’s one of our Girls and we’re dishing secrets at a slumber party, in her one-woman show, SEXomedy.  I first caught a […]

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In love in denial

June 7, 2013



Many conversations on the topic of  love with those who denounce it as if they’ve resisted its pull and beaten it down or are somehow above it but it’s a form of denial because they do not want to admit that love has in fact beaten them left them battered and bruised with such severe […]

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