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Single in the time of COVID-19: Broken hearts & Memories

I've felt every feeling imaginable, then I've fallen asleep in exhaustion. But now I'm up and just don't know what to do with myself. So I'll try to write, because it's how I cope.

Laugh, Love

72 hours on OKCupid and I’m already exhausted

You know that saying that we all use to convince ourselves that doing something we’re hesitant about is okay: But everyone is doing it. Maybe we should heed our mother’s pat response of “If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you do that too?” I say this because for after years of hesitation, I… Continue reading 72 hours on OKCupid and I’m already exhausted


How to GUESS if someone’s interested

One Friday last year, near the end of the work day, I was sitting at my desk fixing my makeup when my office mate walked in catching me mid-lipstick application. "Where are you going?" "Meeting up with this guy." "A date?" "Oh no! I don't think it's a date. More business, I think." "Then why… Continue reading How to GUESS if someone’s interested


Dating and the independent woman

I have an ex who became a friend. Years later, we still hang out on a regular basis and on occasion, the question of "Why didn't we work out?" comes up in our conversation. His reason? I'm too independent. My reason? His issue with my independence. He says that he prefers a more submissive woman, and I'm not… Continue reading Dating and the independent woman


Same Love Bert & Ernie Remix [video]

I love all things Sesame Street, as evidenced here and here, and though this isn't from them, as a supporter of all human rights, it still makes my heart smile. Macklemore And Ryan Lewis' Same Love Bert & Ernie Remix, y'all! Enjoy!


I don’t live in yesterdays because I know how they end

I remember your last goodbye. The day you told me that we should cease to be. My mind wanted to be brave and accept your wish without question, but my heart didn’t understand and forced my lips to ask you why. “It’s time,” you said. “We’ve outgrown what little we were and I don’t feel… Continue reading I don’t live in yesterdays because I know how they end