When your former enemy becomes the friend you’ll never have

My older sister once slapped a girl in the face. No. Wait. Let me start over. My older sister once slapped my junior high classmate's sister in the face. I'm sure she's slapped others more than once. It happened on another floor of the school, but I found out about it mere minutes later as the word… Continue reading When your former enemy becomes the friend you’ll never have

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Sunday, May 22, 1983
Dear Diary

When I was a young republican?

Dear Diary Series Date: Sunday May 22, 1983 Age: 12 Home: Holladay, Utah The president of the United States is Ronald Reagan. One of our problems today is high inflation. We are also troubled by high unemployment [sic] another problem that concerns many people is that of nuclear warfare. So I'm at a loss for words reading… Continue reading When I was a young republican?

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Gray hair and the purple shampoo

I'm back with a gray hair post. It's been a LONG time. I thought I'd never talk about this topic again, but here I am. So what's with gray hair and purple shampoos? First... Let me catch you up One of the reasons I dyed my hair after growing out the gray for 2.5 years… Continue reading Gray hair and the purple shampoo

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Listen Liberal, Stop Giving a F*ck!

It's about investing in your personal growth and understanding that we learn and grow from the things that challenge us.

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In celebration of gap-toothed smiles

Last summer at work we had a few days that consisted of assisting a lot of people in line and as I looked at each line of people, I fixated on their smiles, particularly those that were gap-toothed. How beautiful! That was the thought in my mind each gap-toothed smile I saw and each time, the… Continue reading In celebration of gap-toothed smiles