Broken tree - DNA word cloud
Mi Vida Loca

Divorce: Repairing the broken branches of the family tree

As a child of divorce, I’ve always felt that there are many things that I missed out on due to my parents’ separation, especially because it was across two countries. Mom moved us all to Chicago, while my Dad stayed in our house in Puerto Rico. On the list of things I missed, there was [...]

Siblings and I in a rare no-fighting moment
Mi Vida Loca

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry

“We found you in the alley and felt so bad for you, we decided to adopt you,” was the line my siblings and I used on each other regularly as we were growing up.  No one actually believed it, yet the person who was being told they had been adopted always responded, “Shut up, no [...]

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When tradition is a four-letter word

I had no intention of putting up any holiday decorations this year. Though I've had my apartment since the beginning of August, I still only have what I could carry by myself when I moved in. Most of my other stuff (the little I have) is in storage. So to say my place is bare [...]

The hair twins
Mi Vida Loca

“We’re hair twins!”

My nephews and niece are in town for a few days. At 5 years old, my niece's thick mane of hair is almost to her waist, just like her Tia's. I couldn't get past how adorable she is in all of her sweetness and I grabbed her and said to her, "We need to take [...]

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Too cool?

I have five nephews and five nieces. Only four of them live in Chicago. The two oldest—in their 2os—and two boys, ten and 8. Ever since I returned to Chicago from Puerto Rico (about eight months now) I've been heartbroken at the fact that Michael, the 10 year old, no longer wants me to kiss [...]

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Out of the mouth of babes

I got to spend time with two of my favorite people today: my nephews Michael (10) and Jacob (8). To say that I love them and they make me smile would be an understatement. They never cease to amaze me with the people they are becoming. Case in point, our ride home. Today was report [...]