Going Gray: Super Heroine to Villainess

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend I rarely see that I was letting my hair grow out. I text him a photo and called myself Storm, which is what my co-workers had been calling me. He replied, "No. You're Rogue." I started typing back "buzzkill" but decided to Google Rogue first. My… Continue reading Going Gray: Super Heroine to Villainess

Pretty on the Outside

Breaking up with Vanity

I suppose that vanity has been my friend since childhood. I don't necessarily remember the start of our relationship, but I'm told countless stories about how, in spite of my crippling shyness, I would visit my neighbors in Puerto Rico in whatever new dress or outfit I had at the moment, simply to tell them "Me… Continue reading Breaking up with Vanity

Live, Pretty on the Outside

To go gray or not to…wait, what is the question?

I absolutely despise dyeing my hair. I will be 43 in six months, which will mean that at some point during that year there will have been 30 years of chemicals poured onto my poor head. That can’t be good, can it? But it’s not just about the chemicals at this point; the truth is… Continue reading To go gray or not to…wait, what is the question?


Side effects may include: Moving towards a chemical-free life

It's funny what your mind hones in on when it can't sleep at 3 a.m. For me, most often, those things tend to be quite random. My family, my friends, a situation from my past that I hadn't thought about in years, and so on and so on. Last weekend, as I was still not… Continue reading Side effects may include: Moving towards a chemical-free life

Mi Vida Loca

The self-indulgence of words

Last week, hours after publishing and sharing the post, Love letter to my body, I saw a friend. At that moment, my mind was  on the task at hand, so I was confused when he made a comment about me and my body. He was joking? Poking fun at me? I wasn't sure what. Moments… Continue reading The self-indulgence of words

Pretty on the Outside

Love letter to my body

I sat in the semi-crowded train a few days ago, oblivious to the people around me, trying to send a text before we went underground. Text message sent, still above ground, I  looked up and realized that people were staring in my direction. I looked down, and I saw my cleavage. Feeling a bit of discomfort… Continue reading Love letter to my body

Pretty on the Outside

Finding ‘wings’: Life after a 4-can-a-day Red Bull habit

As of today it's been four months since I've had a Red Bull. To understand why the the 27th of December, 2012 is an important date to commemorate is to know the following: I've tried to give up my Red Bull habit more than 5 times since I started drinking them in 2006 After 2006… Continue reading Finding ‘wings’: Life after a 4-can-a-day Red Bull habit