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Chicago #WordlessWednesday


Countdown to spring: A little color on a gloomy Chicago day

Wet, cold days: the price we pay for living in the greatest city, Chicago. We just hold on to reminders of colorful days as we hibernate under warm blankets.


Wordless Wednesday: A snowy day in April


MY Chicago: The Great American City [video]

I LOVE Chicago. I've lived in Puerto Rico, in New York, and in , but Chicago will always be home. You don't have to love this city like I do to love this video, but if you do your pride will swell. "Chicago: A city that talks the talk of the American dream, without having to… Continue reading MY Chicago: The Great American City 


Wordless Wednesday: My random Chicago

I'm not a great photographer, but I love the randomness of walking around my city: Chicago. Blocks and blocks of buildings with a little nature thrown in here and there. More shots on my Pinterest Chicago board or find me on Facebook.


So apparently a stranger barfing is the new pigeon poop of luck

In a testament to life is about the yin and the yang, no good deed goes unpunished and other such clichés, on my return trip from a meeting downtown, life decided to play a funny trick on me, because you know, life is really a bitch funny that way In the meeting, I'd learned that my vote into… Continue reading So apparently a stranger barfing is the new pigeon poop of luck