Ugly Grammar

Confused by semicolons? So is Solange & The Lonely Island [video]

Stay tuned for some schooling from Maya Rudolph!

Ugly Grammar

Take note grammar nerds, the Double-Reverse-Sarcastimark is here

If, like me, you've sometimes felt that current grammar rules are just not enough to stop all the ugly grammar that happens online, then you'll be thrilled to know there's a second level of grammar. They include Isolation Marks, which are used to ensure your readers know that you're only quoting bad spelling, and the [...]

Ugly Grammar

Guilty of bad grammar? Off with your internet!

I've earned quite a reputation for being a bit of a stickler for grammar. Some may even call me a grammar nazi. I can't deny the fact that I (mostly) silently correct people's grammar on the internet ALL of the time. The wrong use of its vs. it's makes me cringe and holding back from [...]