Becoming human [guest post]

The fifth in the "Defining Moments: Search for Identity Series." This one comes to us from writer, Hector Luis Alamo, Jr. Read more of his personal blog, On the Contrary and follow him on Twitter, @HectorLuisAlamo As a mixed-race, mixed-nationality, second-generation Latino American, my identity has been in constant flux for much of my young life.Born in Humboldt Park, and… Continue reading Becoming human [guest post]


The dance lesson [guest post]

The fourth in the “Defining Moments: Search for Identity Series.” This one comes to us from educator and writer, Cindy Tovar. Read more of her personal blog, Hispanecdotes and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, @Dagny32 The music is blasting, the lights are dim, and I’m in my element. My eyes search the crowd, looking for someone who can show… Continue reading The dance lesson [guest post]


Life after Death Metal [guest post]

In the coming days and weeks I'll be inviting some of my favorite writers/friends to guest blog about a defining moment (the length of the moment undefined) in their search for identity. First up is Ulises Silva. His site is currently under construction, but for now you can follow him on Twitter, @inventingsilva Geraldo Rivera… Continue reading Life after Death Metal [guest post]

Seriously Though

Being LatinaSmart for Hispanic Heritage Month

As I recounted a few weeks ago in A Latina identity crises resolved, finding--or I guess rediscovering may be more correct--my Latina identity has not been easy. It's taken a lot of soul searching, reading, a TON of writing, and a journey back to the home of my youth in Puerto Rico. Do I have… Continue reading Being LatinaSmart for Hispanic Heritage Month