Are you a Woman of God or Woman of the World? Apparently there’s a difference

Let's talk a little about women, or to be more specific "real women" or "good women." I spend a lot of time browsing through the Quotes section of Pinterest. Occasionally I come across a quote or meme that will annoy me. Quite often they have to do with categorizing women using terms such as  “a… Continue reading Are you a Woman of God or Woman of the World? Apparently there’s a difference


Being female: Finding freedom from fear [video]

At a poetry reading some months ago, a woman, a mother, shared a deeply personal piece about the conflicting messages that her young daughter receives through their conversations. As she tells her to believe that the world is hers for the taking, she also tells her to watch the length of her skirt and where… Continue reading Being female: Finding freedom from fear 

Mi Vida Loca

The accidental feminist

I was 8 years old when my mom introduced our family to the Mormon missionaries she had run into one day on the way up the stairs in our apartment building. By that age, I'd already attended services in a variety of churches in Puerto Rico so Mom's proclivity for trying new religions was not particularly… Continue reading The accidental feminist

Seriously Though

Women- As Seen on TV?

Maybe it's the fact that I am up late every night so I have the benefit of catching almost every informercial out there, but it is interesting to see how many products are being invented for women to strap their jiggly parts in and lift their saggy parts up.  So I bring you just some… Continue reading Women- As Seen on TV?