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“Your Temporary Circumstances Don’t Have to Become Your Permanent Identity”

One of my favorite things to do when my mind isn't feeling well is watch videos on the SoulPancake YouTube Channel. One day, someone shared what is still one of my favorites, A Pep Talk from Kid President, and then I saw My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech (warning, you WILL need tissues), and I was hooked.… Continue reading “Your Temporary Circumstances Don’t Have to Become Your Permanent Identity”

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A girl’s gotta right to change her mind

On a summer day in 2013 I decided to grow out my gray hair, and the posts on the topic that followed brought a lot of new visitors to my blog. So now, a few weeks after that fateful day at the Walgreens hair color aisle, I need to come clean. I've been trying to figure… Continue reading A girl’s gotta right to change her mind


2015: Lessons from a Year on Time-Out

I've been working on a 2015 wrap up post for a couple of weeks now. By working on, I mean that I'd given it a great title, Lessons from a Year on Time Out, and written a couple of sentence.


Beehives, 5th grade and birthdays: #WhyIWrite

I’m afraid and at a loss for words, I remember that a blank page allows me to sort out and express my thoughts in a way I could never verbalize. I write because my life is a book, and my experiences are stories.

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#ThisGirlCan video is my favorite thing today

I hope you feel beautiful in all your jiggly splendor, my friends! //


Countdown to spring: A little color on a gloomy Chicago day

Wet, cold days: the price we pay for living in the greatest city, Chicago. We just hold on to reminders of colorful days as we hibernate under warm blankets.


Gray hair update: 1.5 years and I’m getting the hang of it

It's been about 16 months since I last colored my hair, and as I haven't posted on the blog, I thought I'd share a photo update photo. My hair is now just below the shoulders and I haven't cut off much of the still-dyed hair, but I'm getting ready to because it's fading and I think it's also affecting the white hair that follows it.