Dating and the independent woman

I have an ex who became a friend. Years later, we still hang out on a regular basis and on occasion, the question of "Why didn't we work out?" comes up in our conversation. His reason? I'm too independent. My reason? His issue with my independence. He says that he prefers a more submissive woman, and I'm not… Continue reading Dating and the independent woman

Entertain Me

The greatest [real] love story ever told [video]

Forget Romeo and Juliet. I never really understood how people thought theirs was a good love story. Always seemed kind of depressing that someone would kill themselves for love. I think love should want to make you live. But I digress. Where love stories are concerned, the ones we seem to reference, and sometimes idealize,… Continue reading The greatest [real] love story ever told 

Seriously Though

Women- As Seen on TV?

Maybe it's the fact that I am up late every night so I have the benefit of catching almost every informercial out there, but it is interesting to see how many products are being invented for women to strap their jiggly parts in and lift their saggy parts up.  So I bring you just some… Continue reading Women- As Seen on TV?