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Life, interrupted: The day my mind went numb

In December of 2011 I wrote a post titled, Life, Interrupted. It was the first time I ever addressed my struggle with depression publicly. I never really hid it, but I've never really talked about it. Soon after, friends contacted me privately to share their own stories. and to thank me for sharing mine. But… Continue reading Life, interrupted: The day my mind went numb


Life, interrupted

It's 7 a.m. and I am standing in front of the mirror. The heaviness I’ve been feeling for weeks is now weighing me down. My shoulders slumped, I don't have the strength to do anything more than lift my head. I stare at my reflection. The dark circles under my eyes are the battle scars of… Continue reading Life, interrupted



A few months ago I posted about being diagnosed with ADD.  I was so excited to put a name to something I always knew was *wrong* with me.  Unfortunately, about a month after my diagnosis I made the decision to move  (distracted- watched tv, checked FB) to Puerto Rico and learning how to manage my… Continue reading "Squirrel!"


Finish What I Started

I've always known there is something wrong in my head. In the mid 90s I was diagnosed with depression and given a prescription of Paxil. I was always nauseous, I was always sleepy and yet no happier. I stopped taking my prescription and somehow manage to have a moderately successful life. Somewhere deep inside I… Continue reading Finish What I Started