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The greatest [real] love story ever told [video]

Forget Romeo and Juliet. I never really understood how people thought theirs was a good love story. Always seemed kind of depressing that someone would kill themselves for love. I think love should want to make you live. But I digress. Where love stories are concerned, the ones we seem to reference, and sometimes idealize,… Continue reading The greatest [real] love story ever told 

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Redefining reality: The rise of the Kardashians

The year was 1992 and MTV introduced new programming that would forever change not only how we viewed them—as a misnomer—but how we viewed television. Our introduction to The Real World, with its tagline, “when people stop being polite… and start getting real…”was an omen of things to come. Almost 20 years later and  reality television has taken… Continue reading Redefining reality: The rise of the Kardashians

Seriously Though

The lies we tell ourselves

I was watching The Hills most of the weekend (don't judge me!), or rather I had it on in the background as I worked and couldn't help but pay attention every once in awhile.  One of the characters (it's a reality show so I don't know that character is the right word but I'll use… Continue reading The lies we tell ourselves