I don’t live in yesterdays because I know how they end

I remember your last goodbye. The day you told me that we should cease to be. My mind wanted to be brave and accept your wish without question, but my heart didn’t understand and forced my lips to ask you why. “It’s time,” you said. “We’ve outgrown what little we were and I don’t feel [...]


SEXomedy: Real talk about masturbation, body hair, and the joys of copy machines [video]

Forget the crap you see in Cosmo with its glossy pictures and advice about how to keep your man satisfied! We need real talk, and actor/playwright/comedian/dancer/musician/activist, Melissa DuPrey brings it to us like she's one of our Girls and we're dishing secrets at a slumber party, in her one-woman show, SEXomedy.  I first caught a [...]


The only gay boy in the world [guest post]

The third in the "Defining Moments: Search for Identity Series." This one comes to us from artist and writer, Xeno Martinez. Read more of his personal blog, SQ Chronicles and follow him on Facebook and Twitter, @XenoMartinez Recently, I engaged in a conversation via the I Love It Supersized Facebook fanpage about when was it that I first realized that I [...]


The Middle: Secrets, disappointments & rhetorical questions

If this is your first read, you can go back and start with  The Last Time, continue with The First Time, and read a post-script in the After "The Last time." _____________________________________________________________________________________ I was at my Mom's early last week, and while she went in the kitchen, I stayed in the hallway and tried to take the [...]

Seriously Though

The winners and losers of The Sexual Revolution

A young lady in her 20s recently told me about a situation she encountered with a young man who was trying to ‘talk’ to her.  He had offered to take her out and as part of that offer he included a night in a hotel room. She was perplexed; a hotel room on a first [...]


After “The last time”: Cookie crumbs and lies

When I originally wrote the three-part story that is now published here as The Last time and The First time, I had also written The Middle. But as I read what I wrote, I realized that it didn't do justice to the real dysfunction that went on. It reads more like sex gone wrong, than [...]