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Sesame Street does it again: Sing it “I’m Elmo and I know it” (video)

Forty plus years and counting and Sesame Street is as relevant as ever. With a great line up of celebrity guests, often showing their soften side, to their grasp of pop culture, it remains a hit with young and old alike. They've struck a pop culture chord again with their latest video, starring none other [...]

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Sesame Street hits a high note with a Glee parody

Having spent my life with dreams of becoming a singer and loving anything that displayed real vocal talent, I fell in love with Glee during its first five minutes. My love waned as the show just became way too campy for me and I, like the character Mercedes, wanted more focus on her great talent. [...]

Seriously Though

Women- As Seen on TV?

Maybe it's the fact that I am up late every night so I have the benefit of catching almost every informercial out there, but it is interesting to see how many products are being invented for women to strap their jiggly parts in and lift their saggy parts up.  So I bring you just some [...]

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Let it Out [video]

The Kleenex brand of facial tissues had a marketing campaign for 2007 that struck a chord with me. They toured various cities asking people on the street random questions. Questions such as "What have you been holding back?" in NYC and "What makes you laugh out loud?" in Las Vegas. Now, while I'm not a [...]