Mi Vida Loca

Flashback: Puerto Rico, Tito El Bambino and Feliz Navidad

Shuffling through my iPod yesterday, trying to create a Christmas music playlist, I saw I had downloaded Tito El Bambino's Christmas hit, Feliz Navidad.  Cue the Wayne and Garth flashback sound effect here Late Wednesday, October 28, 2009 I arrived in Puerto Rico for what would be almost a year of reconnecting with culture, family, language,… Continue reading Flashback: Puerto Rico, Tito El Bambino and Feliz Navidad


365 Days

  How do you measure a year in the life?" ~Seasons of Love from the musical Rent 365 days since my mind shifted, since the need for something different became more important than security. 365 days since I prepared to say goodbye to the life I knew, to the people I loved, to the routine of my… Continue reading 365 Days


What if: My Italian adventure

It was 2002 and as part of my job I put together a travel program. Being the smart woman I am, the list of countries included in the program coincided with the list of countries I wanted to visit.  That fall a group of about 36 people headed to Italy for an 8-day excursion with… Continue reading What if: My Italian adventure


Hotel, motel…umm…where’s the Holiday Inn?

3-Day Adventure Part I A random Friday evening and this time we decide that nothing is going to stop us. We are going on our adventure. Rental car: check. Map: check. Spirit of adventure: check and check! Upon looking at the map  we decided on a visit to La Parguera, a small fishing village in… Continue reading Hotel, motel…umm…where’s the Holiday Inn?