Dreams of a familiar stranger

When I close my eyes to dream I don't recognize the woman I see. Her long hair flows softly with the breeze, as she stands barefoot on the beach. Not a bikini-clad, sun goddess but a free-spirited bohemian princess. Her crooked, gap-toothed smile lights up her face as she warmly greets passersby. Not with a… Continue reading Dreams of a familiar stranger

Entertain Me

If you had one wish, what would it be? [video]

When you ask people of all faiths and ages in Jerusalem the question, "If you could have one wish, what would it be?" you realize that for the most part, as humans we all wish for many of the same things...


The Lost art of…a Sunday stroll

I’ve never been one to walk much. I’ve just never found a reason for it. I don’t like walking as exercise since I find it a little yawn-inducing, and forget the treadmill; that’s just a form of torture. As far as walking as a means to get to a destination, there’s always been either public… Continue reading The Lost art of…a Sunday stroll